How do I clean rodent feces out of my attic?

Rodents carrying many diseases that can be fatal, which is transferred to their feces and urine. Precautionary measures must be taken seriously when cleaning. Before you clean, you should attempt to clear the attic of the existing rodents and properly seal the area to ensure none return. The following are some guidelines I use when I am cleaning rodent feces out of my attic:

Items Needed

  • Rubber gloves that cannot be easily torn and does not contain any holes
  • Dust masks (these cannot prevent the disease but can help to provide some protection)
  • Garbage bags (plastic)
  • Spray bottle filled with disinfectant or solution
  • Paper towels 
  • Cloth or Rags for cleaning
  • Mop
  • Bucket

Protective clothing

Dusk masks and latex gloves must always be worn because diseases can be airborne or through direct contact. Your entire body should be covered including your feet. I wear disposable shoe socks over my shoes but if you do not have this, you can use a bag to cover your shoes. Ensure that these are discarded upon leaving the attic because you do not want the feces trailing through any other part of your house.


A disinfectant can be purchased or a solution of 9-parts water to 1-part bleach can be used. 

  • The entire area should be inspected for droppings. Thoroughly check the surrounding area including insulation and holes. 
  • Spray all noticeable droppings and leave to soak. This would help to inactivate any viruses or bacteria. Ensure that gloves are worn before picking up droppings. Use cloth or paper towels to pick up the feces and dispose of all materials. 
  • If there are items such as boxes and furniture, these should be moved and checked for contamination. Decontaminate by spraying the solution or disinfectant on the parts exposed to feces. Items that are destroyed should be disposed of in plastic bags, including insulation.
  • Thoroughly spray the entire area with the disinfectant or solution and mop the area. I usually spray the solution on every inch of the attic so that I dont miss anywhere. Wipe countertops and furniture with a rag soaked in the solution or disinfectant. 
  • Any items used for removal of the feces should be sprayed with disinfectant or discarded. Hands should be washed with soap and water.


After removing the feces, you should check the area every couple days for reoccurrence. If there are feces, then the rodent still exists. Search the area for any openings and have these areas sealed. Rodents usually run the same pathway so follow the feces trail. Set traps along the trail and dispose of the rodents once caught. You can also use a black light or powder to pick up on urine trails. 

Retake the steps above to remove the existing feces. Keep inspecting the attic until you are sure that the problem has been dealt with permanently. If all else fails, contact a pest control agent who would do the job for you at a cost. 

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